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The promotion and the dissemination of the project achievements are supported by training courses for the end-users of methods, procedures, guidelines strategies, and in particular for operators of systems and tools. The education of young scientists foreseen will help maintain competence in the field of operational emergency management and rehabilitation strategies. In this way, the RTD achievements will be disseminated to a wider European community.

Feedback obtained from the participants will not only be used to improve the courses but if applicable will be considered in the definition of RTD activities. On the other side, the training courses will be continuously adapted to the results of the RTD activities and thus, they will contribute to an early dissemination of any new developments made under EURANOS.

The whole documentation of each training course will be made available to those countries where there is an interest to repeat the courses after adaptation to national conditions, such as emergency management arrangements, regulations, intervention criteria, and language. In particular, after adaptation to local/regional conditions and national regulations, the training courses using the RODOS system can be used in those counties where the system has been installed for operational application.

Training courses will be held on each of the components of emergency management and rehabilitation of contaminated areas as described under the RTD activities.

  • TRBAS1: Preparedness and response for nuclear or radiological emergencies (basic course on radiation protection and emergency management)
  • TRDSS1: Training course for system administrators of the RODOS system
  • TRDSS2: Training course for operators of the RODOS system
  • TRDSS31: RODOS based decision support for off-site emergency management in the early phase of a nuclear accident (training course for users of the RODOS system)
  • TRDSS32: RODOS based decision support for off-site emergency management in the later phases of a nuclear accident (training course for users of the RODOS system)
  • TRDSS33: Hydrological models and methods within RODOS
  • TRSGR: Strategies and guidance for the rehabilitation of living conditions in long term contaminated territories
  • TREVA1: Evaluation tools and methods for supporting the off-site emergency management team (training course for users of the evaluation software integrated in the RODOS system)
Most of the training courses will not start before the second year of the project (see table below), either because they are still running under other contracts within 2004 and 2005, or they still have to be developed. In each year of the project, the interest in participating in the individual training courses will be explored within the EURANOS Consortium and through the network of operational emergency centres. The number of courses and the time of their performance will be adapted to the needs of the potential users. A tentative time schedule is given in the table below.

Training course 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
TRBAS1 ←→   ←→   ←→  
TRDSS1   ←→ ←→   ←→  
TRDSS2     ←→   ←→  
TRDSS31       ←→ ←→ ←→
TRDSS32       ←→ ←→ ←→
TRDSS33     ←→   ←→  
TRSGR       ←→   ←→
TREVA1     ←→ ←→