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This section contains products which can be used free of charge by EURANOS or any other organisation for non-commercial purposes. The products can be only used with proper referencing to EURANOS as origin. Modifications/customisation has to be communicated with the EURANOS project.

Data sheets for countermeasure options in the agricultural area
Data sheets for countermeasure options in the inhabited area


Two generic handbooks, one to assist in the management of contaminated food production systems and a second one to assist in the management of contaminated inhabited areas in Europe following a radiological emergency have been developed in conjunction with stakeholder panels from around Europe. Both handbooks provide guidance on customisation at the national/local level as well as on how to develop processes for engaging stakeholders in the further development and application of the handbooks.

Management of contaminated food production systems (Version 2)
Management of contaminated inhabited areas (Version 2)

An important aspect of the management of the early phase problems following a radiological or nuclear emergency is not only the implementation but also the lifting of countermeasures. The following document has been developed to provide generic guidance on the withdrawal of emergency countermeasures such as sheltering and evacuation.

Lifting countermeasures new guidance v2.1 final

A further handbook has been developed guiding authorities how to manage problems with contaminated drinking water. It contains scientific and technical information to assist in the development of a recovery strategy, taking into account the wide range of influencing factors. The Drinking Water Handbook is also helpful for contingency planning.

Handbook for contaminated drinking water